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Our Mission:

We are a receptive travel agency and operator, seeking quality, safety, technology and inclusion in tourism services: Travel and excursions, conventions and events; To satisfy the needs of our clients, being an organization that is at the forefront at the national level; Which, based on the professionalism and experience of our human resources and the continuous improvement in the quality of services, contributes to the socio-economic development of the country.

our vision:

Being for 2021 a leading travel agency in the tourist market throughout the national and international territory, recognized by a management model, oriented in quality, safety, experience, service and practicing fair tourism; For our customers, our employees and for the country; In order to be at the level of the needs and challenges of the changing global environment; In such a way as to ensure our success over time.


  • Integrity - To act with righteousness and probity unalterable.
  • Responsibility -Comply timely and efficiently with the commitments made.
  • Respect - Valuing the person, providing good treatment and due care to achieve an environment of mutual trust.
  • Innovation - Being able to change things starting from a new approach.
  • Passion - Feel fervor to favor a cause or purpose.
  • Flexibility - Having the ability to adapt to new circumstances.
  • Teamwork - Share tasks to achieve a common goal, putting the target group rather than individual.
  • The inclution - Provide equitable access, making permanent adjustments to allow the participation of all and valuing each persons contribution to society.


Operates since 2014 carrying out the activities of Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Reception and Management of external resources for companies of the Tourism Sector. Our travel program is focused on both groups and private groups managing reservations and hiring of Tours, transfer and private pick up, experiential tours, national buses and trips of all kinds throughout Peru and Bolivia. Among the services we provide for companies in the Tourism Sector are marketing, contracting, representation, management and computer maintenance among others.